Archiving and preservation for research environments

The ARCHIVER Open Market Consultation Roadmap

The ARCHIVER PCP project will select contractors through an open tender process in order to perform R&D to develop data archiving and preservation cloud based services in a multi-disciplinary research environment complementing the current on-premise services. The innovative resulting services being sponsored by the four buyer organisations (CERN, DESY, EMBL-EBI and PIC) will leverage standard processes and best practices, whilst ensuring the research groups retain total ownership of their data. The resulting services will become part of the catalogue of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative funded by the EU (

The Open Market Consultation

An Open Market Consultation (OMC) process wasorganised before the publication of the Request for Tender in order to improve the mutual understanding of the R&D challenges across procurer organisations and industry. During this process, potential bidders assessed the innovation potential to address the Buyers Group use-cases. The results obtained on the OMC events served as a base of the Tender specifications published in October 2019.

ARCHIVER Open Market Consultation roadmap

The OMC process is intended to be evolutionary, comprising of several initiatives focusing on different user communities, and relevant stakeholders.

OMC events targeted to Companies (and open to end-users):

These events targeted to potential bidders and open to end-users, moderated by a partner of the ARCHIVER consortium (Addestino) using a planning poker technique consisting in a “best practice” workshop moderation technique, used for estimating value, complexity, required effort etc., based on expert-estimation and consensus.


In addition, an information webinar was organised to companies.


An information Webinar with national repository managers, ESFRI cluster projects and potential early adopters organisations was also organised in order to understand the benefit from adopting the resulting services for their communities.

During the OMC phase, ARCHIVER  partnered  with the Digital Preservation Coalition to engage with the community assessing its requirements, find potential bidding partners, disseminate project results and provide training opportunities for the resulting services.