ARCHIVER & EOSC, the European Open Science Cloud

Towards “research-ready” commercial services for long-term archiving and preservation of scientific data

Currently, many research projects cannot manage their data, as the archiving and preservation services are inadequate or fall below expectations while data stewardship costs are frequently underestimated during the planning phase. 

Acting as a collective of procurers, the ARCHIVER consortium aims to create an ecosystem for specialist ICT companies active in archiving and digital preservation, willing to introduce innovative services capable of supporting the expanding needs of research communities in several scientific domains, under a common innovative procurement activity for the advanced stewardship of publicly funded data in Europe.

Using the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP instrument) and building on the results of recent award-winning projects, ARCHIVER’s goal is to fulfil these data management promises in a multi-disciplinary environment, allowing each research group to retain responsibility and stewardship of their data whilst leveraging best practices, standards and economies of scale.

Specifically, ARCHIVER will provide:

  • “Research ready” commercial services for data archiving and preservation, co-designed, co-developed and co-tested by the research community partnering with industry expertise.

  • Trustworthy repository services with a transparent business model adapted to the requirements of long-term preservation of data. Innovative models such as requirement/demand aggregation through Buyers Groups and the use of vouchers as an incentive to turn research data FAIR.

  • A set of derived “Rules of Participation” at technical, legal and financial level, for the private sector that include a technical test suite developed by the European research community, follow standard best practices, a privacy compliance kit for research data that include the technical and organisational measures needed to ensure adequacy to European legislation (e.g. GDPR and Free Flow of Data) and viable, field test exit plans, to ensure data portability and avoid vendor lock-ins.

These innovative services will be ready to be commercialized and will become part of the catalogue of the European Open Science Cloud, by December 2021. These services, ensuring the long-term preservation of FAIR research data are among the five types foreseen on the EOSC Strategic Implementation Plan.


ARCHIVER contribution to the EUROPEAN OPEN SCIENCE CLOUD (EOSC) - nterview with João Fernandes, CERN and ARCHIVER project coordinator


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