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PCP Phase 1 - Contractor details and project abstracts

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The five consortia who have been selected for the Solution Design phase of ARCHIVER will work over the next 4 months to establish a written detailed report including architecture and technical design of components of the ARCHIVER hybrid end-to-end archival and preservation services. The winning consortia are the following:

  • Arkivum – Google
  • GMV – PIQL – AWS – SafeSpring
  • LIBNOVA - CSIC – University of Barcelona – Giaretta Associates
  • RHEA System Spa – DEDAGROUP – GTT
  • T-Systems International – GWDG – Onedata.

This document includes their details and project abstracts.

Tuesday, 8 September, 2020



D5.2 - Early Adopters Engagement Kit

Sara Pittonet (Trust-IT Services), Silvana Muscella (Trust-IT Services), Roberta Cintura (Trust-IT Services)
Reviewers: Marion Devouassoux (CERN), João Fernandes (CERN), Bob Jones (CERN)

In order to encourage wide deployment of solutions outside the consortium, the ARCHIVER project will engage with a group of “Early Adopters”. The Early Adopter model has been developed in the context of the HNSciCloud PCP. Early Adopters are public organisations having a need for innovative digital archiving and preservation solutions that the services resulting from the ARCHIVER project may be satisfying. Public organisations expressing interest in the programme will formally be listed in the Request for Tender and will be entitled to several benefits such as providing feedback on the tender documents, access to material produced by contractors during the execution phases, access to limited testing capacity provided by the buyers group, benefit from training sessions organised in the context of ARCHIVER covering topics such as OAIS, FAIR principles, Open Data, EOSC, etc. Early adopters will also potentially profit from the same commercialisation conditions as the buyer group organisations participating in the project, in the case of purchase of services developed after the end of the project and be able to use the procurement funds foresseen in other EC projects in the EOSC context, on which the Early Adopter is member, in the, to procure the resulting services developed in ARCHIVER. In case of a significant number of applications to join the Early Adopters Group, the Buyers Group reserves the right to define selection criteria to select the most appealing candidates. This document presents the overall Early Adopters’ engagement plan and the actions foreseen to reach the desired number of interested parties.

Thursday, 9 May, 2019



D5.1 - First version of the Communication and Dissemination Plan

Sara Pittonet (Trust-IT Services), Silvana Muscella (Trust-IT Services), Roberta Cintura (Trust-IT Services)
Reviewers: Marion Devouassoux (CERN), João Fernandes (CERN), Bob Jones (CERN)

Executive Summary The overarching objective of WP5 “Communication, Dissemination and Outreach” is to ensure a coordinated communication, strategy and plan are delivered for the ARCHIVER project and its Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) scheme, providing adequate visibility to all stakeholders.

As stated in the Grant Agreement Article 38.1, “ The beneficiaries must promote the action and its results, by providing targeted information to multiple audiences (including the media and the public) in a strategic and effective manner”. In line with this, this strategic plan covers all the activities related to communication and outreach across the multiple target groups. This plan also defines performance measures that can subsequently be used to monitor the effectiveness of it. Both, communication activities as well as dissemination activities contribute fundamentally to the project’s visibility, outreach, and impact.

As a PCP, the implementation of the overall procurement process follows a precise scheme articulated around different phases. All these phases have different objectives and outcomes, and therefore different communication, dissemination, and stakeholder engagement purposes. This plan outlines the main objectives and outcomes of the PCP phases and the specific communication, dissemination, and stakeholder engagement activities that will be set to ensure the successful achievement of the project objectives. 

Thursday, 9 May, 2019



ARCHIVER D2.1- State of the Art, Community Requirements and OMC Results

Fernandes, João;  Jones, Bob; Devouassoux, Marion; Buyse, Dominique; Van Calenberg, Ruben; Motsenitalis, Vaggelis; Urban, Jakub

Many research projects are currently struggling to preserve their data and associated products (metadata, software, documentation, etc.), as the current archiving and preservation capabilities are inadequate in terms of scale and fall below expectations for a number of communities, while data stewardship costs are frequently underestimated during the planning phase.

The goal of ARCHIVER is to fulfil these data management promises in a multi-disciplinary environment, allowing each research group to retain stewardship of their data whilst leveraging best practices, standards and economies of scale.

Monday, 17 February, 2020



ARCHIVER D1.1 - Initial Data Management Plan

Joao Fernandes; Bob Jones; Marion Devouassoux; Jamie Shiers; David Foster; Miguel Coelho dos Santos

This document describes the initial Data Management Plan (DMP) for the ARCHIVER project. It addresses the project data collected as part of the execution and management of the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) process within the project as well as data used as part of the scientific deployments on the resulting ARCHIVER services.

Tuesday, 1 October, 2019