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Cost effective, innovative solutions, reduced fragmentation

ARCHIVER for the Buyers

What’s missing

Proven functionality for PB range scientific data archives, long-term data services including migration and portability

Required R&D

Provide missing functionality using common solutions under the OAIS reference model

Market potential

Rapidly increasing demand from research communities for greater long-term data management functionality and capacity

ARCHIVER for the Suppliers


Support long-term data management in a hybrid-cloud model at the PB range


Optimized data access and ingestion for high rates (1-10 Gbps per day)


Efficient content distribution as cloud access becomes more common and data volumes grow


Cost effectiveness taking into account various use-case access patterns and foreseen archive longevity


Network connectivity via the GÉANT network. Federated Identity and Access Management (IAM) for authentication and access control


Storage capacity in excess of 1 PB for a minimum of 3 years