Existing Archiving and Digital Preservation Solutions

ARCHIVER is offering potential tenderers the possibility to share recorded webinars showing their state-of-the-art solutions, to be shared across the Buyers Group.

Do you have an archiving or digital preservation commercial solution that you want to share with the ARCHIVER consortium? Feel free to write to omcinfo@archiver-project.eu and send us your demo or recorded webinar.




GRAU DATA is an expert on audit-proof archiving, hierarchical storage management, ransomware protection and scale-out storage solutions. The company has many years of experience in software development and offers optimal data management solutions. As a potential bidder GRAU DATA is looking for partners to participate in a ‎consortium or as sub-contractor. Possible solutions from them portfolio ‎are software components for object-store archival to tape and highly parallel data transfer.

Service / Solution:

1. Archival of commercial NAS devices to a S3-compatible ‎object store with tape backend

Webinar / Demo Link:

Service / Solution:

2. High parallel data transfer ‎between various HPC and parallel filesystems

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iPRES is one of the most relevant events ever in digital preservation. 

The 16th edition will take place in Amsterdam from 16 to 20 September 2019, hosted by the Dutch Digital Heritage Network.

CERN, as leader of the HNSciCloud initiative, has been shortlisted for the 2019 Procura+ Award as "Innovation Procurement of the Year", in the sub-category "Outstanding Innovation Procurement in ICT", recognising the outstanding application of Procurement of Innovation and Pre-commercial procurement of ICT.

"Digital preservation exists already for more than 20 years. For lots of problems there are already solutions". Barbara Sierman, chair of the Open Preservation Foundation Board and Digital Preservation consultant at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB), works as an advisor on various topics related to the preservation and long-term accessibility of digital collections.

João Fernandes, CERN and Archiver coordinator, will explain Archiver innovation potential to service providers, research managers and procurement and purchasing experts gathered in Prague for the EOSC-Hub week