Archiving and preservation for research environments

ARCHIVER supporting the EOSC Early adopter programme

13 May 2022

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is federating services so that researchers can find, combine and process data from different scientific disciplines and communities. At this stage of implementation, EOSC already provides a powerful tool for solving complex data-processing challenges in a variety of domains. The EOSC Platform Early Adopter Programme has been recently introduced to offer a rich set of resources and expertise to research communities and service providers. It specifically looks to support use cases in need of EOSC resources from different disciplines or e-infrastructures and the integration of new services into the EOSC-Core.

ARCHIVER joined the Early Adopter programme to offer to the EOSC community the innovative Long Term Digital Preservation (LTDP) services resulting from the pre-commercial procurement tender that run over the last three year.

During the project, multiple data intensive organizations representing several research domains (CERN, DESY, PIC and EMBL-EBI) have worked closely and collaboratively with suppliers (Arkivum and LIBNOVA) on the research and development of new services and solutions for scientific data preservation relevant for the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

The Early Adopter programme is ofr providers looking to integrate their services into the EOSC-Core to make them available to the research community at large, and for research communities aiming to address cross-disciplinary, societal or complex research challenges by using EOSC resources from different disciplines or e-infrastructures.

ARCHIVER resources available on the EOSC portal

Arkivum Digital Archiving and Preservation Solution

Arkivum provides a digital archiving and preservation solution that has been built to meet the varied and challenging long-term data management use cases of the scientific research community. Our technology is able to preserve petabyte level datasets, in the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way.



LABDRIVE, the ultimate Research Data Management and Digital Preservation platform

LIBNOVA Digital Archiving and Preservation Solution

LABDRIVE is a Research Data Management and Digital Preservation platform that focuses on scientific datasets. LABDRIVE allows organizations to transition from a siloed approach in which each series of datasets, departments or units are using multiple, disaggregated systems to keep content to a single repository that can adapt to the particularities of each dataset, unifying all content in a single platform.