Archiving and preservation for research environments

Consortium 3

The solution developed by the consortium lead by LIBNOVA provides a Research, Management and Preservation Platform combining existing technologies and new components, to solve obstacles for research dataset management (including preservation) identified in the Archiver project. LIBNOVA was already creating its research data preservation platform (LIBSAFE Research), that this project will help improving and completing.

Four areas comprise the Solution Architecture:
● Containers - keep content accessible with several protocols, organized and protected.
● Dynamic Insights - help users when dealing with personal information, digital preservation and emissions reduction.
● Budget assistant - helps users to plan and follow expenditures.
● Content gateway - connects the platform with discovery solutions such as Invenio or Dataverse

ARCHIVER Pilot Phase Award. A chat with Antonio Guillermo Martinez, Libnova

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LABDRIVE is a Research Data Management and Digital Preservation platform that focuses on scientific datasets. LABDRIVE allows organizations to transition from a siloed approach in which each series of datasets, departments or units are using multiple, disaggregated systems to keep content to a single repository that can adapt to the particularities of each dataset, unifying all content in a single platform.

Consortium coordinator: Antonio Guillermo Martínez Largo, CEO at LIBNOVA








LIBNOVA ( is focused on the Digital Preservation field, and provides solutions to organizations, so that big volumes of valuable data are accessible during long periods of time. The company is present in the heritage, cultural and research datasets areas.
LIBNOVA was founded in 2009 and is now present internationally in several countries (Europe and America), with offices in the USA (Florida), and in the EU (Spain), allowing a worldwide scope of LIBNOVA’s offerings.

The company holds various certifications: 9001: Quality and 27001: Information Security.

The LIBSAFE platform covers several Digital Preservation needs and is an advanced OAIS aligned digital preservation software.

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The Spanish National Research Council is the main agent of the Spanish System for Science, Technology and Innovation; and in order to carry out its mission, it has
competences to carry out activities aimed at:

  • The generation of knowledge through scientific and technical research
  • The transfer of results from research, specially to boost and create technology-based enterprises
  • The expert advice provided to public and private institutions
  • The highly-qualified pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training
  • The promotion of scientific culture in society
  • The management of large facilities and unique scientific and technical infrastructures
  • The presence and representation in international bodies
  • The development of targeted research


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The University of Barcelona is the foremost public institution of higher education in Catalonia, catering to the needs of the greatest number of students and delivering the broadest and most comprehensive offering in higher educational courses. The UB is also the principal centre of university research in Spain and has become a European benchmark for research activity, both in terms of the number of research programmes it conducts and the excellence these have achieved.
Its own history is closely tied to the history of Barcelona and of Catalonia. The university combines the values of tradition with its position as an institution dedicated to innovation and teaching excellence: a university that is as outward-looking and cosmopolitan as the city from which it takes its name.

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David Giaretta has worked in digital preservation since 1990 and has led many of the most important developments in this area.
He chaired the panel which produced the OAIS Reference Model (ISO 14721) , the “de facto” standard for building digital archives, and made fundamental contributions to that standard. He led the 2012 update of OAIS. He leads the group which produced the ISO standard for audit and certification of trustworthy digital repositories (ISO 16363), and IS016919, which are fundamental to the setting up the certification process.
He has led a number of large digital preservation projects, representing an investment by the EU and more than 50 partner organisations. These projects include CASPAR, PARSE. Insight, APARSEN and SCIDIP-ES. These build on his experience working in and leading large data digital repositories and software systems.

Involved with the Alliance for Permanent Access (APA) from its start to its establishment, David Giaretta became the Director of the APA in July 2010.

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