Archiving and preservation for research environments

Training Webinar on the Arkivum solution for long-term data preservation

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ARCHIVER suppliers Arkivum and Libnova, together with their consortium partners, have been selected to continue with the pilot phase of the ARCHIVER Pre-commercial procurement tender to deliver research ready solutions for long-term data preservation of research data in the current European Open Science panorama. The solutions developed by the two consortia are now in their pilot phase and are in the process of being published as services available on the EOSC Marketplace, thus opening the possibility to other users to exploit the long-term data preservation solutions developed in the framework of ARCHIVER PCP. With this in mind, specific training sessions are being organised to showcase to all interested stakeholders how to use the solutions and their benefits.


Arkivum: Petabyte scale digital preservation, guaranteeing the long-term use of scientific research data

Arkivum long term data preservation solution

Arkivum is an innovative new SaaS solution for archiving, preserving and accessing vast and hugely valuable scientific datasets from disciplines that include astronomy, particle physics, genomics and more. The solution is developed by a consortium lead by Arkivum, awarded in the framework of the ARCHIVER Pre-Commercial Procurement tender to design, prototype and pilot a solution for long-term data preservation. Arkivum provides a digital archiving and preservation solution that has been built to meet the varied and challenging long-term data management use cases of the scientific research community. Arkivum technology can preserve petabyte level datasets, in the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way.

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The Arkivum team will be live on the 23rd of June 2022 to give an overview and training session on the Arkivum solution for ARCHIVER to all interested stakeholders.



Introduction - 14:00-14:10

  • Arkivum overview
  • Product and Services
  • Certification, Standards and Good Practice
  • Our approach to ARCHIVER

Solution overview - 14:10-14:30

  • Long Term Digital Preservation of research datasets
  • The architecture of the Arkivum solution
  • Integration into the wider RDM landscape of repositories and FAIR
  • SSO using eduGAIN
  • Scalability and Performance
  • Deployment options: cloud and on-premise
  • Cost-efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

Training - 14:30-16:00

  • Authentication and Authorisation (user interface and API)
  • Overview of the Arkivum Web UI 
  • Getting data into the Arkivum solution
  • Adding and updating metadata
  • Workflows for archiving and digital preservation
  • Search and Navigation
  • Reporting and Audit trail
  • Export of data and metadata
  • Deletion of datasets
  • Configuration and Self-Service
  • Integration with InvenioRDM
  • Access to archived data using xrootd
  • Co-locating applications with the Arkivum solution for pre and post-processing of archived data
  • Summary and access to further resources

Questions and Discussion - 16:00-16:30

The content of the webinar is created by the Arkivum consortium.

Slides of the Training, with the original links to the videos with improved audio 

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