Past Events & Webinars

04 September 2019

On 4 September 2019 the ARCHIVER team will present the benefits and process for becoming an Early Adopter. You are all invited to join the webinar and ask any kind of question in order to submit your expression of interest!

05 June 2019

The Open Market Consultation Consolidation event is organised by CERN and targeted to potential bidders and open to end-users.

23 May 2019

This Open Market Consultation (OMC) event is organised by EMBL-EBI.

09 May 2019
ARCHIVER organized 1-hour webinar training on Digital Preservation and Open Archival Information System (OAIS) for end-users of digital preservation services.
The training was be delivered by experts from the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC).
08 April 2019

The ARCHIVER Open Market Consultation (OMC) will start with a Kick-off event held at CERN, Geneva, on April 08th.