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The Science Mesh Workshop - A Global Platform for Scientific Collaboration

The Science Mesh Workshop "Global Platform for Scientific Collaboration" is going to take place on the 26th of January, co-located at the CS3 2022 Congress.
Its main goal is to dialogue with early adopters and potential vendors that will contribute to the final development, deployment and adoption of the Science Mesh. The Science Mesh is a global collaboration service for researchers, educators, data curators and analysts based on OCM (Open Cloud Mesh) and CS3APIs (Connect Storage and Application Providers). It provides an interoperable platform to easily share & deploy application and software components, while providing rich collaborative workflows.
The day is also bringing out insights around what are the needs of ESFRI European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures clusters and their related infrastructures in terms of data synch and share. The ESFRI clusters, from a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, have strong links with research communities, manage significant data volumes, and develop/operate discipline-specific data analytics tools while facilitating access to research data for incorporation into EOSC. We will understand what are these challenges and how the Science Mesh can support the ESFRI in overcoming the referred challenges while contributing to Open Science.

Key Benefits of participating

From this Science Mesh workshop, you will:

  • Understand applications and usage of the Science Mesh through demonstrations
  • Grab the opportunity to embrace research opportunities on Enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) product development;
  • Learn about how to adopt Science Mesh and increase the offer of services for collaborative research and working environments;
  • See how Science Mesh responds to the goals of the CS3 Community;
  • Join collaboration opportunities on connecting data
  • Gain a whole new understanding of how Science Mesh supports European policies regarding the research infrastructures and open science.
  • Learn about how Science Mesh benefits you regarding managing, sync and sharing your data in an easier way.

Attend the workshop if you are...

Interested in making the friction-free collaboration in Europe a reality, where users can access an interoperable federation of data, to easily sync, share and deploy applications and software.
More specifically:

  • Researchers, data curators and analysts: without needing to get familiar with new interfaces, learn how you can use Science Mesh to share and synchronise your files and datasets, even with peers that belong to different institutions and independently of the actual Open-Source Enterprise File Sync&Share (EFSS) platform they use.
  • Software Developers (commercial and non-commercial): have more info about the benefits of adding your software or application into the Science Mesh to increase your number of users, while accessing new software applications and increasing your service interoperability.
  • Service Providers: increase your number of users and enrich service offering by translating them into commercial and business applications, while adding innovative features through new applications & solutions. 
  • System administrators: achieve costs reduction by integrating your platform into the Science Mesh and increasing your sync & share capabilities through your already existing software platforms.
  • Policy Makers: understand how the Science Mesh increases research outputs efficiency, ensure they are being used, increase the usage of FAIR data and how researchers who do not have access to on-premise IT infrastructure can make use of the Science Mesh and participate in the EOSC.

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