Archiving and preservation for research environments

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The ARCHIVER tender is now closed!


The objective of ARCHIVER is to perform R&D to develop functionality and demonstrate the performance of services for long-term preservation and archiving for scientific data while ensuring that research groups will retain complete responsibility and stewardship of their data sets. More specifically, ARCHIVER’s goal is to provide the broader research community with a set of trustworthy scientific data repository services, following standard best practices, tested at scale, serving FAIR data, commercialised with transparent business models and providing conformance with the current European legislation (e.g. GDPR and Free Flow of Data).

What will be procured

The purpose of this Request for Tenders is the award of several Framework Agreements and Work Orders for the provision of R&D services to meet the innovation challenges set forth in the Functional Specification document. 

How it will be procured

The R&D implementation is divided into three Phases as follows:

  • Phase 1 – Solution design;
  • Phase 2 – Prototype implementation;
  • Phase 3 – Pilot deployment.

Access the Tender Documents

In order to access the Tender Documents we kindly invite you to fill in the form by clicking the link below: 

Deadline for submission 

Tenderers shall submit their bids no later than 31 March NEW DATE: 28 April 2020 – 4:00 pm (Europe/Zurich time zone).

Questions and Clarifications about the Request for Tender

Tenderers shall address questions and clarifications using the form provided in the Request for Tenders no later than 10 March 2020. The reference form shall be completed in English and sent to only.

Information sessions

Two information sessions are foreseen to provide information about the ARCHIVER Project, the PCP concept, this Request for Tenders and the process for submitting Tenders.

The information sessions are open to all and will be held remotely as a webinar, as follows:

  • 1. Starting at 10.00 am on 7 February 2020 (Geneva time);
  • 2. Starting at 10.00 am on 18 March 2020 (Geneva time).

Information about how to connect to the information session webinar is available on the ARCHIVER Events & Webinar section of the website.