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ARCHIVER at EGI Conference 2021

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This year, the #EGI2021 Conference is looking at how EGI Federation is contributing to shaping the digital future: with EOSC growing more mature, the new EU research funding programme Horizon Europe on its way, and an exciting range of advanced services and innovative computing models supporting research, a new landscape for research is being shaped.
At the same time, the challenges that must be faced at a global level – climate change, health crises and the fight against inequality – force researchers, funders, service providers, institutions and policy makers to rise above the status quo. 
At this edition, the EGI Conference community is invited to work together in shaping the digital future with advanced computing services. The aim is to showcase new services and tools, investigate technical innovations, explore business opportunities and strategic and policy-related initiatives.

ARCHIVER at the EGI Conference 2021 

The ARCHIVER project will be part of this Conference with the DEMO presentation "EOSC Test Suite - Cloud Benchmarking and Validation" by 
  • Ignacio Peluaga Lozada (CERN)
  • Joao Fernandes (CERN)
  • Shreyasvi Natraj (CERN)

The presentation will take place on the 19 Oct 2021 at 12:45 CEST 

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