Draft Tender Documents

In order to stimulate an open dialogue with companies interested in the ARCHIVER project during the OMC process, the Draft Tender Documents are made publicly available for consultancy. Stakeholders are invited to consult the documents for information and comment the documents available for consultancy.

The ARCHIVER Request for Tender is expected to be published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) in October 2019.

Draft Tender Documents for Consultancy:

Draft Tender Documents for Information: 

  • Request for Tenders - available soon
  • Framework agreement- available soon
  • Work Order - available soon
  • Annex 1: General Tender Submission Form - available soon
  • Annex 3: Compliance Questionnaire - available soon


To comment on a draft document:

1. Highlight the area you want to comment on

2. Click on the "comment" icon on the top right of the draft document

3. Write and submit your comment

The ARCHIVER Buyers Group, have published the draft documents for information and consultation purposes in the framework of the ARCHIVER Open Market Consultation. You are encouraged to provide comments and suggestions, which we will read. We are particularly interested in your feedback on the proposed scope of the R&D challenge and the feasibility and risk for you to participate in the project. We might take some, all or part of your comments into consideration in future drafts of this document, but we do not commit to doing so.

If considerable changes are made on teh drafts, mew versions of the Draft Tender Documents will be uploaded on this webpage.

    A mail will be sent out to the suppliers mailing list when a new version of the documents is made available in this webpage. If you want to be added to this mailing list, please send an email to omcinfo@archiver-project.eu.


    You have questions on the ARCHIVER tender? 

    Ask your questions here!
    The questions and answers will be published in the FAQ



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