Deployment Scenarios Technical Summaries

In order to stimulate an open dialogue with companies interested in the ARCHIVER project during the OMC process, the Technical Summaries of each Deployment Scenario are made publicly accessible:

CERN Digital Memory

CERN Open Data

EMBL Cloud Caching


The BaBar Experiment

PETRAIII_EuXFEL Data Archiving

PIC Data Distribution

PIC Large File Remote Storage

PIC Mixed File Remote Storage



"Digital preservation exists already for more than 20 years. For lots of problems there are already solutions". Barbara Sierman, chair of the Open Preservation Foundation Board and Digital Preservation consultant at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB), works as an advisor on various topics related to the preservation and long-term accessibility of digital collections.

João Fernandes, CERN and Archiver coordinator, will explain Archiver innovation potential to service providers, research managers and procurement and purchasing experts gathered in Prague for the EOSC-Hub week